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Summer has officially arrived here in the Central Valley of California. I am trying to avoid going outside. I have a masters degree in literature, I’ve read enough about spontaneous human combustion to take it for granted. Be careful out there if you’re in this horrible heat wave. I am serious.

Weekend Wine: Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon had mixed reviews in our house. The first exclamations that I heard while eating something for dinner were, “Gross, this tastes like olives!!!” I looked up, kind of confused, the dinner I was eating had no olives, no lingering spoiled olivey flavors in the food could be found. “This wine tastes likeContinue reading “Weekend Wine: Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon”

Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012

So this post was supposed to happen on Saturday, when I usually do my weekend wine review, but the wine club I am a part of hasn’t updated their website since June. This leaves me in a situation. I like to leave links on how you can get the wine that I review. Really whatContinue reading “Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012”

Weekend Wine Double Feature: Dancing Bull and Cline

I got a generous gift from my in-laws last week! Seriously, I don’t deserve these people in my life, they are way too good to me. They sent two bottles of wine, a Vinturi Aerator Set and a Ultimate Grill Kit. All have been used. And all are awesome! I had to laugh at theContinue reading “Weekend Wine Double Feature: Dancing Bull and Cline”