Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012

So this post was supposed to happen on Saturday, when I usually do my weekend wine review, but the wine club I am a part of hasn’t updated their website since June. This leaves me in a situation. I like to leave links on how you can get the wine that I review. Really whatContinue reading “Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012”

Weekend Wine: Martino Old Vine Pedro Ximenez

A white wine review. This is strange for me, because I don’t typically enjoy the taste of white wine. But sometimes life surprises you, which is why you have to branch out and experience new things. Sometimes on a hot summer evening, you just need something cool and crisp to sip on your porch whileContinue reading “Weekend Wine: Martino Old Vine Pedro Ximenez”

Weekend Wine: Grapesmith and Crusher Pinot Noir 2010

Do you know what this means!? . . . I will give you a minute… . . . Okay… So I got my Plonk Wine Club shipment!! YAY!!! Actually the Fed Ex guy came to my house a lot this week, what with getting new knitting things. This post is about wine, and will remainContinue reading “Weekend Wine: Grapesmith and Crusher Pinot Noir 2010”