Ghoulish Musings

It’s been October for nineteen days. Can October please slow down so I can savor it? Also can there be more hours in the day so I can do all the things? That would be fabulous. A lot of knitting has been going on here, but not a lot of pattern writing. I want toContinue reading “Ghoulish Musings”

weekend knitting plans

Summer has officially arrived here in the Central Valley of California. I am trying to avoid going outside. I have a masters degree in literature, I’ve read enough about spontaneous human combustion to take it for granted. Be careful out there if you’re in this horrible heat wave. I am serious.

High Plains Cowl

Welcome to my first design! (Cue: Excitement, praise, joy and jumping mindlessly everywhere!!) Guys, I made a thing! All by myself! This is the High Plains Cowl. Modeled after a bout of homesickness for my Colorado, and having just come from the eastern plains with my dad and sister. I needed something… country. This cowlContinue reading “High Plains Cowl”