mindful knitting

I’ve been in a funk lately. I think that using the word “funk” is putting it mildly though. Really it’s been a downward spiral of intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk. It doesn’t help to be in a new place without really knowing anyone, without a decent job, while your spouse gets to travel the worldContinue reading “mindful knitting”

The mondayest of tuesdays

Hello Internet. It’s been a day. Actually, it hasn’t, I am just tired. Today wasn’t half bad, but by the end I was ready for a drink and some therapy knitting. Except, I am out of wine (as my friend Gordon the Steam Engine would say, “oh the indignity”). I feel like I am onContinue reading “The mondayest of tuesdays”

weekend knitting plans

Summer has officially arrived here in the Central Valley of California. I am trying to avoid going outside. I have a masters degree in literature, I’ve read enough about spontaneous human combustion to take it for granted. Be careful out there if you’re in this horrible heat wave. I am serious.

forestry cowl

The forest is a special place. It is a place of shelter, of discovery, and deep mystery. Folk tales warn of the forest’s danger. There is something about the forest that the human can’t control. Getting lost in a forest is easy, the forest hides poisons and predators. (Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh my!)┬áIt’sContinue reading “forestry cowl”