I was Wrong

I’ve mentioned before about my intro post about my Inlay socks that I was gifted the yarn and had no idea what the yarn was made of, but that it felt like cotton…

Yeah, No.

I remembered that my Father in Law had gone to a yarn store and got me these skeins. I was floored that he would think of me and get me something as gorgeous as these. I am still a little humbled and eternally grateful. Just look at the beauty!


It bugged me that I didn’t remember what these were, so I did some research *coughfacebookcough* and found my picture. Then I went to Ravelry to see if they had a page for this yarn. Yep…

Turns out that these are Breathless by Shalimar Yarns. Breathless is a 3 ply fingering weight yarn that is made up of 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere and 10% Silk… Absolutely NOT COTTON!

While there is nothing wrong with cotton yarns, I thought that I was an experienced enough knitter to be able to feel the differences between wool and cotton. Nope. Ah well, its the little things like this that keep me humble.

I am glad I know what they are now, I am going to take better care of my Inlay socks, and get them done! Done, I say!

The picture above really doesn’t do the lovely yarn justice! Please check out the Ravelry page for them (Here) or check out their website (Here) I like the Ravelry page because you can also check out what other people are knitting with this lovely yarn.

Wine is Coming

It’s June!

What a great start already. We went to the Farmers Market in a town near us. Got some local veggies and honey, and got to talk to the lady who ran the honey making operation. What an incredible process. While Summer is my least favorite season, I love being able to use Saturdays for the farmers market. The people are just so cool.

I wish I had pictures of the Farmers Market for you, but apparently I suck at this blogging thing and forgot to take out my phone (AKA a camera).  I call it living in the moment, but it doesn’t help anyone reading this, I know.

A new month also means that we are getting our wine soon. For Christmas my husband signed me up for a wine of the month club. He found one with organic and biodynamic wine, they send us 4 bottles a month. So far they have been pretty great. Some better than others for sure. (Want to check them out, go here http://www.plonkwinemerchants.com). They come from all over the world and each wine has a different food pairing, so we can make a nice at home dinner date out of it. Which is perfect, since I tend to be a recluse.

I can’t wait for our shipment this month!!

Also, Look who helped me work!


This is Charlie (Yes, I name my mugs). I have been trying to hold off from buying it, but I couldn’t anymore. I love him. And now that I can finally work in my home office again, he has a special perch.

Summer Has Arrived

Today is kind of bittersweet. It looks fantastic outside. The sun is shining. There is a nice breeze in the trees.

Then you actually go outside, and realize that the world is your sauna. Hello heatwave. Hello Air Conditioner.

If this is how I get to spend yet another summer, I can imagine that I am going to get a lot of knitting done. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially since I have so many things to finish.

I am feeling a little nostalgic today. The end of May is approaching and that means I’ve been out of High School for 10 years. It’s a strange feeling. So much has happened, and yet so little has happened in 10 years. I am still in college, but I’ve lived in 4 states, learned to knit, traveled coast to coast and also to Europe and Asia, and got married. In many ways, I feel inadequate compared to my classmates. But I realize that I still have an incredibly full life. Things feel so paradoxical right now.

Summer Reading

My best friend from High School recently emailed me about The Gormenghast Novels by Mervyn Peake, and highly recommended them. She is such a lovely person. I was touched that she would think about me for a book recommendation, but then again this is how we became close friends. Her review of this series made me interested, so I went to Barnes and Noble to buy it. She is a kindred spirit, so I have a good feeling about these books. Especially since I am an already devoted Tolkien fan.

It is exciting to be able to reconnect with a very old and special friend through literature.

It also helped to have something new and shiny to look at since I decided to frog back the sleeve on my Sand Tracks Cardigan. Oh well, this knits up faster than the body and it will look better.

What’s on your reading list this summer?

What am I doing?!?

I am back to blogging… and I am nervous about it.

College has taken some of that blind faith that I had a few years ago and ground it into the dirt like a discarded cigarette. I love writing. I love reading. I love it all, but this year has been torture on the insecurity… yikes.

So… welcome to my mess!

This blog is going to mostly focus on my (mis)adventures in knitting with some wine reviews and a little bit of life thrown in for good measure.

To get started talking about knitting let me tell you of all of the things I still have to finish.

1.) My Sand Tracks Cardigan: I started this for me last fall. It is a really beautiful piece, but is taking for-ev-er. It takes me about an hour to knit one cable pattern. Frustrating. But it will be gorgeous when finished.

Working on the Body PartSand Sleeve

2.) My Dad’s Moose Gloves: (Annemor #7) Like most knitters, I like to finish one item in a pair, then go home. These selbu gloves are beautiful, but knitting the fingers are a challenge. Really it won’t take me too long to actually finish them… I just need to get into gear and finish.

Moose Glove

3.) My Inlay Socks: (in the picture above) I was gifted this yarn, it is gorgeous. I have no idea what it is, however. It feels like a cotton mix. Unfortunately, the Inlay pattern was a bit too advanced for me when I started, so I have about 3/4 of the cuff finished. I want them, so I am not going to frog this piece. Just need to knit.

4.) Falling Snow Stocking part II: I am 5 inches from the end. Why did I not finish the second one? It was so simple! And so much fun. I love the norwegian snowflakes. Hello Rustic Mountain Christmas!


Sometimes I think that I have a fear of finishing.

It’s like reading a great book, when you finish you feel like you are leaving a good friend behind. You spend so long developing a relationship and then it’s done. You’re relationship changes, it’s over. No more mystery if you go back to it. *sigh*

I am talking about a relationship with yarn… I am the kind of crazy that only fiber junkies understand.

Thanks for reading my first post back into the blogging world. Sorry if knitting isn’t your thing, but hang out. I have wine too.