mindful knitting

I’ve been in a funk lately. I think that using the word “funk” is putting it mildly though. Really it’s been a downward spiral of intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk. It doesn’t help to be in a new place without really knowing anyone, without a decent job, while your spouse gets to travel the worldContinue reading “mindful knitting”

weekend knitting plans

Summer has officially arrived here in the Central Valley of California. I am trying to avoid going outside. I have a masters degree in literature, I’ve read enough about spontaneous human combustion to take it for granted. Be careful out there if you’re in this horrible heat wave. I am serious.

Colors of Fall and other KALs

There seems to be a buzz in the atmosphere today, as we approach the summer solstice and the strawberry moon. Summer has officially arrived and the universe seems to be making it magical. It also seems to be interesting that it lands on a Monday, the start of summer, the start of a brand newContinue reading “Colors of Fall and other KALs”

under the weather

I am not sure what happened, but this cold/allergies can go back to wherever they came from. It was one of those things that happen when you’ve been working hard for the last 80 days with little down time, and all of a sudden you get a break. Your body knows when it wants toContinue reading “under the weather”

High Plains Cowl

Welcome to my first design! (Cue: Excitement, praise, joy and jumping mindlessly everywhere!!) Guys, I made a thing! All by myself! This is the High Plains Cowl. Modeled after a bout of homesickness for my Colorado, and having just come from the eastern plains with my dad and sister. I needed something… country. This cowlContinue reading “High Plains Cowl”