Spruce Knits Stash Project.

Apparently I have a lot of yarn.  Apparently I have so much that I could probably knit an entire year’s worth of garments without looking up and buying anything.  Apparently I should use this as an opportunity to do good in the world.  So I am launching my Stash Project, apparently.  Here are my rules: *KnitContinue reading “Spruce Knits Stash Project.”

Cultivating a Summer Reading List

Summer is here, my friends, wether we like it or not. I’m not a fan, but I know that a lot of my friends are. I also know that a lot of them ask me for reading recommendations for the summer. I haven’t been able to use my brain for Literature in about 3 years,Continue reading “Cultivating a Summer Reading List”

2018 Intentional Word: Practice.

2018 is going to be the year of Practice.  I have plenty of goals, enough to drag me down into an existential panic. I think, however, these goals are going to be good for me. There will need to be a large amount of self control practiced this year, which is why I have chosenContinue reading “2018 Intentional Word: Practice.”