April is National Poetry Month

I love April, even if it’s the “cruelest month” (I mean, it’s true). I love seeing life spring up again- I love flowers- I love being able to read outside again. (Hate the allergies tho) April also happens to be National Poetry Month. So I thought, in our state of social isolation, what better timeContinue reading “April is National Poetry Month”

Showing Up for Yourself

I don’t know why this feels like an unnecessarily hard thing to do. But every time I try, I feel like I break out in sadness. I am not a stranger to, nor am I afraid of, hard feelings. They teach me something new every time I experience them. So why then does this makesContinue reading “Showing Up for Yourself”

Daily Maintenance: A Knitters Guide to Resistance 

Today, I am writing this in chunks of spaces. My office, the children’s museum, the library, my dining room table. This is a normal part of my day. Write in chunks when I can get the time and brain space. One word here- two there.  Today, I am leaving my house because my children needContinue reading “Daily Maintenance: A Knitters Guide to Resistance “