A Knitters Guide to Gratitude During Difficult Times

If you’re anything like me, you have been feeling the weight of everything going on lately. There is just one crisis after another right now- and EVERYONE is hurting in some way. My normal coping skills haven’t been working like they used to. A lot of highly sensitive people tend to want to numb outContinue reading “A Knitters Guide to Gratitude During Difficult Times”

April is National Poetry Month

I love April, even if it’s the “cruelest month” (I mean, it’s true). I love seeing life spring up again- I love flowers- I love being able to read outside again. (Hate the allergies tho) April also happens to be National Poetry Month. So I thought, in our state of social isolation, what better timeContinue reading “April is National Poetry Month”

Showing Up for Yourself

I don’t know why this feels like an unnecessarily hard thing to do. But every time I try, I feel like I break out in sadness. I am not a stranger to, nor am I afraid of, hard feelings. They teach me something new every time I experience them. So why then does this makesContinue reading “Showing Up for Yourself”

Daily Maintenance: A Knitters Guide to Resistance 

Today, I am writing this in chunks of spaces. My office, the children’s museum, the library, my dining room table. This is a normal part of my day. Write in chunks when I can get the time and brain space. One word here- two there.  Today, I am leaving my house because my children needContinue reading “Daily Maintenance: A Knitters Guide to Resistance “