When Literature Hits A Little Close to Home 

  I have a nervous tick. Whenever I find that I get completely overwhelmed by life and feeling out of control, I like to stand on one foot for a period of time. On one hand, I find that it helps me remember to have balance life, how very zen and yoga of me; onContinue reading “When Literature Hits A Little Close to Home “

You Are My Sunshine, Star Stuff.

Since I am completely done with college, I have all of this new found free time on my hands. Really I should be spending this time looking for work (English Major for hire!). But I also kind of deserve a break and let’s face it, I am tired… all the time. (Cue: EVERYONE telling meContinue reading “You Are My Sunshine, Star Stuff.”

Paper Writing Inspiration

It’s one of those quiet times here on the blog  where there is no knitting or wine drinking because real life is calling. It’s that chaotic time of paper writing and finals where I really wonder just what the hell I am doing with my life and “is this all really worth it?” Where IContinue reading “Paper Writing Inspiration”