Spruce Knits Stash Project Week 2: Thoughts on Boredom.

This is supposed to be the prompt for week two, but if you can count, and I know that you can, knit nerds, we’re well into week 3 at this point. 

That’s how boring I feel lately. 

I think a lot of my problems with my stash is that I want to lead a more exciting life. I’ve mentioned this before on my other blogs, that if you could describe me in a color, that color would be beige. So freaking beige. 

Sometimes I look at my stash and project those feelings of being bored with my life onto it and it becomes uninspiring. Like there’s nothing there to create. 

Have you ever fell for the idea that your stash or your life is boring? How do you deal with it? Do you notice when you’re bored with your stash or is it some other “ugh” feeling? 

While, I want a more exciting life, the thought about it kind of terrifies me. If I am honest here. Having an exciting multifaceted life means being more vulnerable. It means practicing what I preach. It means that I need to acknowledge that my boredom comes from within me and there’s no reason for being bored. It means moving from a place of scarcity into a place of enough. Being bored is no excuse to not create. Being bored is the perfect time to open up your mind to create with what you already have. 

I had a poetry professor tell us once, “If you aren’t creating, you’re consuming.” I’ve noticed this in my life. It’s true for me. Feeling bored is a great fork in the road between creating or consuming. The only way to cure boredom is to move. You either move toward creation, using your mind and your abilities to make something amazing; or you move toward consumption, going out and acquiring and acquiring.

Consuming is like drinking alcohol, it can be nice in limited quantities, but too much can be deadly. If we don’t check our consumption of things they can burry us. We need to make sure that we don’t try to burry our feelings with things. Our collections need to be intentional and have purpose. 

Stash boredom can be real. I’ve felt it before, and now I have too much yarn to handle. I am still bored with my stash, but this year it’s about what I am going to do with that boredom. Am I going to accept what I have and create something fabulous, or get caught up with mindless consumption of things to make up for the fact that I feel bored about things? 

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I am a reader of many beautiful things, a fantastic knitter and a lover of wine. I love writing stories. I am a daydreamer and very neurotic, but my husband married me anyway. Bless that man. Really, I am just a girl who finally figured out what she wants in life.

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