The Art of Trying to Settle In

Hi friends, 

We’re in Florida now. (again) This week we will be moving into our house. Leaving California was much harder than I anticipated. I am really going to miss Oakland and Berkley and Napa and San Fransisco. I am going to miss the hiking and Redwood trees. I am going to miss my yarn stores. I am going to really miss the California yarn stores. You guys. 

I’ve been stuck in contemplation during this entire moving process. Trying to process why I have to be uprooted as soon as I felt like I was finally fitting in. I think that this is the worst part of the Military lifestyle. There is a deep need to belong somewhere, to something. I have a hard time just up and leaving something. Each move feels like a new trauma. 

So, I am recovering here right now. I am looking forward to moving into our new space and filling it with yarn. 

I’ve been knitting a lot on my Pomme De Pin Cardigan, by Amy Cristophers with my hand spun wool from Three Waters Farm. 

I am also working on a shawl that I am designing, but have neglected to take notes on. It has been therapy knitting for me, so while I love it and will probably wear it, I am not sure if I have it in me to reconstruct it into a pattern. I am trying to see what my Florida knitting life will look like. Will I even need any knitted garments here? It’s eleventythousand degrees outside. With humidity. There are so many places I want to explore and try to find my muse out in the forests. (snakes tho–and oh yeah, alligators). 

I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of sock knitting in Florida. Ha ha. 

Well, friends, that’s it for me tonight. I hope to have something more to talk about next time. 

Published by BrandieKnits

I am a reader of many beautiful things, a fantastic knitter and a lover of wine. I love writing stories. I am a daydreamer and very neurotic, but my husband married me anyway. Bless that man. Really, I am just a girl who finally figured out what she wants in life.

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