forestry cowl

The forest is a special place. It is a place of shelter, of discovery, and deep mystery. Folk tales warn of the forest’s danger. There is something about the forest that the human can’t control. Getting lost in a forest is easy, the forest hides poisons and predators. (Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh my!) It’s a dangerous place; yet it gives us food, and shelter, and the air we breathe. The forest reminds us how completely small and fragile we are, while giving life. If we think hard about it, we are reminded that our existence depends on them, whether we like it or not.

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The forestry cowl is the second in a 3 part cowl series that I made to remind me of my home state, Colorado. I grew up in the high country, nestled in a valley. On the hill in front of my house is a forest of Aspen trees. In the summer, we would explore that hill and find shelter in the woods. We would follow deer paths, we would find bear and cougar tracks. My dog even came home, very proudly, with a giant deer leg bone once. We lived and breathed the wild. The only time I felt relatively unsafe was when other people were around. I respected the wildlife and gave them their space, but I feared men. Animals didn’t kill unless they needed to.

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The forestry cowl loosely follows the same general shape of the High Plains Cowl. I made a simple eyelet tree lace design and followed the same construction of my High Plains Cowl. The garter ridge short rows gives the garment a drape down the neck to keep you warm with your coat, but also gives the illusion of hills. The tree lace is a simple way of showing the density and natural beauty of forests. I wanted to put some ruffles at the end, but it just didn’t need them. I love it when the project becomes what it wants to be rather than have my mind fight it all day.

Here are some of the details:
Yarn: One Skein of Madeline Tosh DK in the Shire color way. (or similar DK weight yarn)
Needles: Size US 6 (4MM) circular needles.
Notions: Stitch marker and tapestry needle.

Click Here to check out the Forestry Cowl Revelry Page 

If you don’t have a Revelry account (you should get one, its fun and free!) you can purchase my pattern in the patterns section on this website.


Like with the High Plains Cowl, a portion of the proceeds of the Forestry Cowl is going to the National Park Foundation. These people have a healthy respect for the forest. They do great work in trying to keep our natural lands alive and running for the future generations. There is a great Native American proverb that loosely says, “we don’t inherit the land from our parents, we’re borrowing it from our children”. Lets insure that our children have a habitable earth to live on after we’re gone.

If you find yourself knitting this quick little cowl, use the hashtag #knitsomegood. I want to see what you’re doing. Always, if you have questions, please message me at

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