Colors of Fall and other KALs

There seems to be a buzz in the atmosphere today, as we approach the summer solstice and the strawberry moon. Summer has officially arrived and the universe seems to be making it magical. It also seems to be interesting that it lands on a Monday, the start of summer, the start of a brand new week and a magical summertime full moon. Yeah. Without the real possibility of spontaneously combusting this summer, I would say that it feels pretty perfect. Life is warm, homey and busy. Which generally means that it’s good. And I generally don’t like summer.

This week, I will be casting on a new design and participating in the Yarniacs Podcast Colors of Fall KAL. It feels like it’s going to be a busy summer in the knitting sphere.

I am following, although not really participating in, a ton of fun KALs. Stash Dash is upon us, I’ve never officially participated, but it is amazing to follow on Instagram. The Down Cellar Studio Splash Pad Party looks like a ton of fun. Tour De Fleece and Ravelympics are coming up. I am going to be doing the Tour de Fleece this year. My birthday was last week and my husband (ie. I ordered) some roving and a drop spindle. AHH! I am so excited.

So even though we’re about to spontaneously combust due to summer heat there is a lot going on in the fiber sphere. It’s one of those things that doesn’t make sense in the moment, but when it gets cold, you’ll feel nice and warm in all your wooly glory. Only three more months to fall.


One of my favorite summertime knit a longs is the Colors of Fall from the Yarniacs podcast. I had the privilege of getting to meet Gayle and Sharlene a couple of weeks ago in Oakland. It was such a fun and charming day. They introduced me, a newbie to the area, to other area knitters and podcasters. I was kind of in knitting/ handcrafting glory. It was one of those times where I just wanted to sit back and take in everything. It didn’t make me for the best conversationalist, but I had fun and hopefully didn’t scare Gayle and Sharlene away.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Every year, I participate in their Colors of Fall knit a long. The idea is to use the Pantone Colors for the fall to create a fashionable garment for the cooler months and to create an outfit based around your knitted work. It is a great way to get to see how people style their knits and get some fashion ideas from those who seem a little more in touch with making outfits. Lord knows I need all the help I can get. I still wear the sweater that I made for the first Colors of Fall KAL.

This year my plan is to design my own shawl. (New designer and all that) I am going to make a off center triangle shawl, with three colors. Each a part of the Pantone list. It is going to be a textured shawl with some knots and a trellis design. This shawl is inspired by Camden, New Jersey. I have a really special place in my heart for Camden. I spent a lot of time down there for college and grad school. While, I mostly stayed in the safety of the school bubble, you could tell that the city is struggling to get back to it’s former glory. It has a rich and diverse history, and a rich and diverse future if people could understand that and give it, and the amazing people who live there, a chance.

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