High Plains Cowl

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Welcome to my first design! (Cue: Excitement, praise, joy and jumping mindlessly everywhere!!)

Guys, I made a thing! All by myself!

This is the High Plains Cowl. Modeled after a bout of homesickness for my Colorado, and having just come from the eastern plains with my dad and sister. I needed something… country. This cowl makes me love the cowgirl in me. She doesn’t come out often, believe me. When she does though, it’s a sign that I need nature.

Here are some of the details:

Yarn: Madelinetosh DK in Antique Lace (One Skein!)
Needles: US 6 Circulars*
Gauge: 20-22 Stitches for 4inches in Stockinette
Features: Short Rows, Eyelets and Ribbing
*I used 24 inch cables, but it was really tight in the beginning. I would recommend using either 16 inches, or larger so you can do magic loop in the beginning. I increased 109 stitches on this baby, so I think it might be a lot of stitches on a 16 inch cable.
IMG_2137 (1).jpg
When I had the idea for this cowl in my head, I had to make it. It was one of those things that just worked. I think they call it flow. It had been a long time since I felt that way. I was in grad school the last time I had a good idea and made something work. I am in love with this cowl.

It has an A-Line construction with short rows in the front so the fabric opens up near the shoulders and points down to give more coverage around your neck and shoulder. I wanted to keep it snug in the event that someone found themselves working outside in the winter. You know, like if you’re out feeding horses and chickens, like you do. I really wanted it to resemble the neat fields and the wild rolling hills of the Colorado Eastern Plains. It’s simplicity reflects that it’s possible to work hard for your way of life and maintain a sense of grace; like a lot of amazing women I know who live out here.

The V shape from the short rows allows the garment to work with your coat zipper, keeping you warm all around. The ruffles at the end make gives the garment a feminine touch while making the garment even more open toward the bottom. (I love those ruffles) It takes less than one skein of yarn to complete, so it makes it a quick and easy knit. It is really perfect for gift giving or just having as another cowl in your stash for a cold and blustery day.

I love the muted colors of the plains.

Portions of this cowl goes to the National Park Foundation. It feels more and more that these lands are disappearing, what with global warming and suburban development to just name two. It can feel suffocating when we see the enormity of the problem. The National Park foundation works hard to educate people about these issues as well as finding ways to reverse them, so that we can use this land in the future.

You can buy my cowl on my pattern page in Revelry here:

I hope that you enjoy this pattern as much as I did. Feel free to use that hashtag #knitsomegood to show off your progress on this pattern. Also, please email me at brandie@spruceknits.com if you get in a snag.

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