From the Wine Archives: Phantom by Boggle Vineyards


Sometimes, pregnancy is hell. I knew that giving up wine would be a beast, but what I didn’t count on was the physical cravings I would have for a good red. I’ve had cravings for potato chips and sweet tarts, but nothing can touch the cravings I have for a good Italian meal and a glass of red wine. I am also having some wanderlust and would love to hell to get on an airplane head for France or Italy until September. Three more months people and I am free. (Well, as free as being an actual parent of an actual baby will make you, at least I can have wine.)


Since light drinking during pregnancy is taboo, and I wouldn’t post anything about the occasional glass of wine I might have with a meal, I am going to go through my old notes and post about them. I miss writing about wine. Hell, I miss wine. I am growing a huge post-pregnancy collection of wine for myself, which I can’t wait to freely dive into. Right now, I have a large list of notes and pictures of wines that I need to write about that I have not been able to get to due to Grad School difficulties. So until I can “drink freely”, I will write about my retro wines.

For this first one, I am looking at Phantom by Boggle Vineyards.

My super special wine grade: B

This wine counted as an impulse purchase because I was in a particularly “ghostly” mood. October always does that to me. I’ve fallen in love with Halloween and it’s catharsis. I come from a western gold camp that relishes it’s ghost stories, and I love them. One of my favorite things is to walk around Philly on a drizzly fall afternoon, perhaps sit outside of Eastern State Penitentiary and just feel  the goulishness. It’s even better if it’s their terror behind the walls season and there are zombie guards wandering about.

Phantom is mixture of Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre grapes. If I remember correctly, it was a dry red. (I was a little surprised, because usually red blends don’t tend to be that dry, they still have a little sweetness left in them, in my very inexpert experience) It was pleasant with fruity notes in the nose and mouth that ended quickly due to the tannins. It was just okay for me. Which I was kind of expecting out of an impulse purchase. I would pair it with a hearty meal, like steak and potatoes.

Ooh, if you want to get super corny (or fabulous!) you could go with the “steak/stake” theme and pair it with Dracula. (Make sure the steak is close to rare, and you load those potatoes with garlic)  Obviously, I would rather you sip it while you read the fantastic book by Bram Stoker. You could think about how technology and science were used to overcome an ancient entity, or get angry that Mina’s heroism is overshadowed by the men in the story, either way a good drink will be needed. Or, if you must watch the movie, please (for the love of Dracula) watch the 1931 version with Bela Lugosi. There really is no other Dracula movie that can compare. I think I would have had so much more fun with this wine if I had thought of this last October. Way more fun.


Phantom retailed for about 12 dollars, so if you need an extra bottle or two (why not make a dinner party?) it won’t break the bank.

Happy drinking, my friends. I hope that your libations this fall are haunting.


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