The White Bottle

The mornings have turned into a crisp delight as we approach the Autumn Equinox. They hold a promise for a good and productive day. This season is motivating for me. The idea of the harvest pulls me out of my air conditioned stupor and gets me out into the country. To the wineries.

Relaxing as the thunder rolls by, with my glass of Auburn Road’s Rustica.

I’ve had the pleasure to spend the last two weekends at Auburn Road Winery in New Jersey. Getting out there is a great way to end a stress inducing week immersed in Academia. Sometimes one needs to be among the vines in order to understand that life is not about close reading, Hegelian, Marxist or Freudian theories, or the constant pressure to sound brilliant (all the while knowing that you’re a complete fraud and have no clue what you’re really saying). Yes… the world will continue to spin without Academia, just for a few hours anyway.

Auburn Road Winery is a destination vineyard. Not only do they have the tasting bar, but the bar is tucked back into the property to showcase the vineyard. I dare you to be stressed out at this place. The owners have put careful thought into how they want their setting established and what we get is a blissful experience. They have weekly events that include a 5 course meal on Friday Nights and live Music every Thursday. This place begs to be experienced. If you do nothing, go to their “What’s For Dinner Friday” events. They give you a wine and cheese tasting, as well as a lovely 4 course pasta meal. I have a soft spot (well, lot’s of spot spots) for Italian food and any chance I get to indulge and drink great wine, well… consider it done. (I should mention that they have a gluten free option as well).

Classico with fresh bread and fantastic olives.
Classico with fresh bread and fantastic olives.

Of course, I had to buy a few bottles of my favorite wines from the tasting. Their prices are very affordable for the quality. Their bottles range from $15 to $30. Even more incentive to make the 45 minute trek down to the winery. A girl’s gotta stock up.

This obviously didn't last long.
This obviously didn’t last long.

The White Bottle was the one white that I brought home. I think it retails for around 20 dollars, maybe a little more. (I wish I could remember) It’s a Chardonnay that was aged in steel, then transferred in oak barrels. It has a dry and crisp quality to it, with flavors of tangy apple and hints of vanilla on the finish. I paired it at home with a creamy kale and spicy italian sausage soup. This helped the vanilla flavors open and made the whole dinner a really pleasurable experience. I would definitely drink this wine again. (and again) Really the only things that were missing in my meal was a fire in the fireplace and my husband… but we can’t be too picky.

I thought it was funny that I would celebrate the coming of the crisp fall weather with this Chardonnay, since I prefer red wine. But The White Bottle with its tangy apple and vanilla was a perfect addition to the cool day. If this is a sign of things to come this fall, I like it.



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