At Last: Maile Sweater and Cabled Boots

I am terrible at keeping secrets. Absolutely horrible. So gift knitting is difficult for me. Especially when I knit up something cute for someone and have the pictures waiting patiently.

My sister-in-law has the cute gift for her baby girl now, so I can post all I want about it. Whew! I would like to say that it was a lesson in the art of self-discipline, but to be completely honest, I just haven’t had any spare time to type a post out. I’ve been hoping to do this for weeks. School has been kind of a blessing in that aspect. But kind of annoying also, since I can’t get in any other knitting in that I want.

For my little niece, I found the perfect pattern:

The Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car

It has a sweet story attached to the design and felt like a perfect baby girl’s sweater pattern. I was also excited to use my Mad Tosh DK weight yarn in the Smoky Orchid color, a beautiful purple color. I used a thicker yarn than the pattern called for so it would fit a 6 month old baby. Hopefully mom and dad can use it more before we blink and she is ready for Kindergarten.


The difficult part was working the top lace and the yoke of the sweater. It gave me problems with my hands the way the pattern is written out, so I had to knit kind of slow. And of course there was the unavoidable striping and pooling on the arms. Kind of makes it look like the sweater is in motion, so I was okay with that. (Like waving really fast)


I love these buttons so much. (Thanks to my mother in law for spotting them!) They were absolutely perfect.

With my left over yarn I knit a pair of Stylish Baby Boots by Julia Noskova (Think Uggs but cuter).

IMG_1462 2

The fun part was the bonding I got with my mother-in-law, since she was with us when I was finishing these projects up. She helped me pick out the adorable outfit that goes with the sweater and boots, and helped me pick out the buttons on the sweater. So it is truly a family made piece.

She even found some beautiful yarn for herself and made a lovely scarf while she was out here. Next time she comes, we will be moving onto hats and mittens. 😉 Maybe throw in some cables and color work for good measure.

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