Pomme de Pin Cardigan in the bag!

The obsession is over. I no longer want to make this sweater lest I die, because it’s done!

It was amazing fun knitting something lacy and in a gorgeous fall color. Even better, I got it done just in time for the cool weather to hit. WOO! I can’t wait to wear it everyday. It is much larger than I thought it was going to be, but it’s okay it works as an oversized cozy sweater anyway.

And the actual knitting took longer than it should have due to mid sweater fatigue. (Kind of like a Thursday, you are so close to the weekend, you can’t work anymore, but there is more to do…)

Pre button image. I love this color so much!

Of course, it isn’t without it’s problems, because I am a human and a relatively new knitter. I need to learn how to sew buttons better and seriously, I need to learn how to count. I don’t know how I missed this major part of my education in the 2nd grade, but apparently I need to go back, and soon! Counting and measuring for this thing were the biggest problems I had. Sure I could count in the pattern with the lace, but that was between 1 and 4. It was getting up to the larger numbers like 20 that gave me problems. *sigh*

Now, without much further ado, the “done” photos:

Pretend there isn't a toilet behind me.
Pretend there isn’t a toilet behind me.
Yay selfies!!!
Yay selfies!!!
The nerd trying to pass as trendy... didn't work out so well.
The nerd trying to pass as trendy… Maybe I’ll fool them this year!! 

I want to apologize for the kind of pictures here. I like to be in control of my own photo ops, that and the hubs was at work. It really is too bad that the dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs, he would have probably gotten great art quality photos.




Pattern: Pomme De Pin Cardigan by Amy Christophers.

Yarn: Knit Picks Galileo Yarn in the Nebula Color-way (8 Skeins)– Love it! It is so silky and soft. I am a knit picks junkie.

Needles: I used the sizes that the pattern called for. (This may have been why it feels so huge… another lesson in not swatching learned)

Modifications: None.

Regrets: I would have made the torso and arms a couple of inches shorter.


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