Since finishing the last Cardigan, I’ve become a person with a one track mind. I must knit another sweater. Seriously, that was all that I accomplished last weekend when I started my Pomme De Pin Cardigan. And it’s been all I could think about for the last couple of weeks.

Oh, you know, just knitting 12 inches on a Saturday morning. NBD

I am so excited about this project. For one thing, it isn’t a lace yarn. Praise the Lord! It is knitting up so much faster than I was expecting. And Purple is my favorite color. This particular shade of purple also happens to be one of the Pantone trend colors for this fall. (Here) I’ve never been so trendy in my dorky little hobby.

Working on the fronts now the back is complete
Working on the fronts now the back is complete

What I love about this cardigan is that it is all fall. “Pomme de Pin” means pine cone in French, (really, it’s Apple of the Pine… but you get the idea) The lace pine cone pattern is lovely. I can’t wait to wear this around campus in the fall with some skinny jeans and riding boots.

Closer look at the pine cone lace
Closer look at the pine cone lace

Isn’t it gorgeous? My camera doesn’t do the color justice. I wish I had more stitch definition, but that happens with a dark sweater. I’ve never worn such a bold color before, I kind of stick to the greys and brown neutral colors, but I thought this would be an adventure. Ha.

My sweater knitting que has gotten longer as well.

I am going to be knitting an Aidez next. I have the yarn waiting on that one. This is going to be an amazing cold day, cozy reading sweater. Definitely going to be knit in a light grey color. No adventure for this one. The cables are crazy enough5039091347_770004949a_n

I am also looking for mens sweaters, I owe my husband a good one. Especially now that I know that they don’t really take years to complete. I am in love with Knit The Hell Out’s Dapper Man Cardigan, someone should get on her to complete the pattern. *sigh*




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