Lyrical: Amen Omen by Ben Harper

It wasn’t until my husband was deployed to Afghanistan that I really got into Ben Harper. Since he loved Ben Harper’s music so much it was another way for me to connect when there was only skype. I will admit that I don’t give new music a chance. I am a very much “stuck in my ways” kind of person when it comes to the things I like. (With Wine and Knitting, it helps)

I’ve been more open to the musical world since going through the year and a half set of deployments. It helps me slow down in my overly busy life and helps me appreciate the now. Good music is like poetry, and my English Major mind loves poetry.

Amen Omen by Ben Harper slays me every time. It is a beautiful piece about loss. That loss can be left to the individual interpretation, for me it means many things.

For me, it means the loss of friendship, the struggle with belief in the Lord and even losing someone to death or disease.

At it’s core this is a song about life, and individual growth. We struggle with loss and we question the way things are, the turn of events that led us here. We question the rightness or wrongness of our actions, the actions of society, the actions of God.

This is the beauty of Amen Omen to me and Dan interprets it differently than I do, as I am sure you will. Your personal experience helps shape your perception.  When I listen, it cuts me to the core. I remember that life is painful. It is supposed to be painful, because in that pain we find real beauty. The raw, authentic, vulnerable beauty that we tend to ignore in our pursuit of legacy.

Take a listen and see what this means to you.

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I am a reader of many beautiful things, a fantastic knitter and a lover of wine. I love writing stories. I am a daydreamer and very neurotic, but my husband married me anyway. Bless that man. Really, I am just a girl who finally figured out what she wants in life.

2 thoughts on “Lyrical: Amen Omen by Ben Harper

  1. I will give it a listen when I get home and tell you what I think. Thanks, Cathy

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