Sand Tracks Cardigan is OVER!


Okay, I promise to never ever talk about my cardigan after this. You’ve seen me post about it on Facebook, you’ve been inundated with pictures on Instagram, you are probably screaming “Just fold that stupid sweater up and put in the drawer already. It’s freaking July!!”

I still want to celebrate! I made a sweater people! A sweater that was started in November. I am feeling a small small sense of accomplishment. (Okay, not small, I am feeling pretty awesome right now)

It isn’t like I haven’t knit a sweater before… but this was my first “good” sweater. (Sorry about that husband. I promise you a better sweater.)

It also isn’t like I’ve never used a cable needle. I have some unfinished gloves that have cables in them. I’ve knit cabled scarves.

But there is a certain adrenaline rush when you go out into the world wearing a piece that you’ve made. There is an excitement when you know that the “dog days” of knitting one project are over. You’ve pushed through and came out fine on the other end. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment. Especially when knitting with lace weight yarn.

I am so excited and can’t wait for fall so I can wear it around with my boots.

Here are the stats on my Sand Tracks Cardigan:

Pattern: Sand Tracks Cardigan, by Janice Reed.

Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow Lace in Basalt Heather.

Needles: Addi Turbo US 6 Circular and Harmony Wood US 6 DPN

Difficulty: Medium (if you can knit with cables and do some grafting, this is a great pattern for you.)

New Techniques Learned: Grafting, (I knew Kitchner Stitch, it’s similar) Sewing a Blanket Stitch (fun) and afterthought buttonholes (not fun)

Afterthought Notes: The collar isn’t supposed to ruffle. There is a modified version on the pattern involving short row knitting, I should have done that, but I just plowed ahead with knitting before reading the whole thing through. I like the ruffles, they are cute, but I still wanted a sweater that matched the pattern. Next time I will read the pattern better.


And in case you weren’t bored with the pictures on Facebook:




Someday I will have a better camera to take great pictures of my projects. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Sand Tracks Cardigan is OVER!

  1. Well done you – its beautiful and worth all the effort! Sweaters and cardigans are big projects and very easy to stuff in a corner while you start something new and exciting – just ask my hubby who is patiently (not) waiting for his sweater to be completed.

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