Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012


So this post was supposed to happen on Saturday, when I usually do my weekend wine review, but the wine club I am a part of hasn’t updated their website since June. This leaves me in a situation. I like to leave links on how you can get the wine that I review. Really what good is a review if you can’t share what you love with friends? I then thought about writing about some other wine I’ve had between the last wine post and now, but those were just okay wines. There would be no inspiration flowing from my fingertips. Just more viniculture jargon about cherries on the nose and full bodied mouths and so on, there would be no life.

So oh well. I am going to write about this absolutely amazing wine that I got, and when I find out how to buy it, I will pass the word.

Domaine de la Damase Grenache is made with 100% organic Grenache grapes. It is a French wine from the Vaucluse Provence. Which is actually more famous for its lavender fields. So gorgeous. (My overseas friends, please visit this place for me!)


The wine itself is amazing. So full of flavor, which surprised me because it was a lighter red. (Many California producers use the Grenache grapes to make rose wines.) In my mind, and limited experience, the lighter the color, the more watered down it tastes. This isn’t the case with a Grenache apparently. When you first smell it you get some great floral notes, it is fresh and healthy. Then you taste it. I love a wine that leaves you with a different experience from beginning to end, and this doesn’t disappoint. At first you get that freshness again, then the flavors open up and there are some delicious berry notes, leaving off with a smooth vanilla finish.

Guys, it is so good.

But you have to be careful with this wine. I had only one and a half glasses, with dinner I might add, and I was pretty buzzed. (And no, it wasn’t a “Brandie sized” glass in case anyone out there is wondering.) Usually wines are about 8-10% Alcohol by Volume, some maybe up to 12%. This Grenache is 14.5%. So take it slow, and enjoy it at home. It is a great “outside” wine, so grill up some ribs then spend the rest of the evening philosophizing by the fire pit. Just don’t drive for a while.

Here is the wine club description of the wine: (Source)

Domaine de la Damase Grenache 2012
Vaucluse, Provence, France

This stellar organically grown Vin de Pays de Vaucluse is made of 100% Grenache and opens with an aromatic burst of violets on the nose. Supremely pure and clean, this gorgeous example of Grenache is teeming with crushed red berries, juicy red plums, and a vibrant wash of acidity that invigorates the wine and gives it an ample dose of freshness.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wine: Domaine de la Demase Grenache 2012

  1. Mmmm…I’m dying to try this one! Hoping I can find somewhere local to buy it as I’m poor and can’t pay shipping, LOL. The 14% alcohol is a nice bonus 🙂
    I had a lavender martini last night and am totally into the “floral” notes in wines, food etc…a new obsession for me. This sounds amazing!
    Love and miss you dearie!

    1. A Lavender Martini sounds amazing!

      Seriously when I find some buying info on this wine, I will let you know. Shipping shouldn’t cost too much, we get 4 bottles in a package and pay 9 dollars. And the bottle itself should be below 20.

      I miss you too! We definitely need to catch up on life. 🙂

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