Baby Sweater Blues

Rip it out!
Baby sweaters are over!

I’ve discussed recently about my castonitis. After that post published I decided I needed some fresh air from my cardigan knitting and just cast on a new project. I decided I wanted to get a head start on the baby knitting. I don’t know who the sweater is for, but hey… thought I would just make one to end the monotony.

Two good things:

1.) I love Madeline Tosh yarn!!! LOVE!!

2.) Baby sweaters knit up fast.

It was fresh and exciting and I was just knitting my little heart out on this little sweater. I would imagine what kind of person would wear this sweater, if he/she was going to be a future nerd or just one of the cool kids. Would they have a lot of friends, be a future President or just be happy to have their organic back yard farm with free range chickens?

However, in all of my manic eagerness new knitting happiness, I forgot to pay attention to the actual sweater. And things happened.

How did this even happen?
How did this even happen?

The first problem was noticed when I was picking up stitches to knit the collar. I don’t know the tecnhical term, but the stitches did not want to be picked up. They were independent stitches with dreams of their own. Ugh. So I kept knitting… and the hole just kept getting bigger and bigger. The stitches were organizing a protest apparently. I thought I could get away with sewing a little in the back to make it look normal. But then I looked down and saw this:


I hear that your arms aren’t the same length anyway. *grumble* That was my own stupid over-eager fault. I was so close to being done but I didn’t want to count my rows…. gah! SO CLOSE! *sobs*

The end of this story is that I had to rip it out and I will be starting over. I want to send my friend something quality that they will actually use, this isn’t usable at the moment. It sucks, but it didn’t take long… and the yarn is fun.

Well… back to my regularly scheduled cardigan.


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