Weekend Wine: Grapesmith and Crusher Pinot Noir 2010

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Okay… So I got my Plonk Wine Club shipment!!

A quartet of deliciousness.
A quartet of deliciousness.

YAY!!! Actually the Fed Ex guy came to my house a lot this week, what with getting new knitting things. This post is about wine, and will remain that way. You will have to check back in if you want to really read about knitting.

Today I am reviewing one of my Plonk Wines: Grapesmith and Crusher Pinot Noir 2010

Intelligent and adventurous.

What I love about Plonk Wine Merchants is that they choose wine with the name of “Grapesmith and Crusher.” It sounds so cool and hip, like an indie album from Portland. I love the fabulous play on words about the wine making process; and even the bottle has an old-style typewriter on the label. Be still my little word loving heart.

Here is the description that you can find on the Plonk website:

This fresh and earthy Oregon Pinot was made with organic grapes that were sourced from a handful of vineyard sites located in the Willamette Valley. Juicy bing cherry fruit and herbal notes of forest floor are the highlights of this super stylish, mineral-driven Pinot Noir that really delivers.

It is a good late spring, early summer wine. I don’t really know why, it just tastes like it belongs in early June. It is definitely fresh and light, like that special feeling and smell when you go outside after a spring storm. Like the earth is coming alive, this is what the wine tastes like. Aliveness. (My viniculture jargon is so spot on!) And, yes, It does have some of those “forest floor” tones. You know, dirt. I sincerely mean that in a good way.

Dan had these things to say about Grapesmith and Crusher:

“It is a red, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“It’s got all the ambition of a young germinating dandelion.” (Get it, because it’s a spring wine… No?… I guess you had to be there and on your second glass, it would have made more sense then)

It is a lighter red. So if you are looking for something full bodied, you may have to look elsewhere; but if you want something refreshing that goes well with lighter in-season foods, this is your wine. Dan and I enjoyed tasting the cherry notes and trying to find that forest floor, it’s there and oddly those tastes go well together.

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