Weekend Wine: Ghost Pines Blend

While I am waiting for my Plonk wine shipment, I thought that I would talk about another wine I love.

I stumbled on this gem around Christmas time. To be totally honest, I was fascinated with the bottle art. The smoky trees were perfect for winter and a little spooky. Okay, so I was in a Jane Eyre mood as well.

Photo Credit: Ghost Pines
Photo Credit: Ghost Pines

This is the description that you can find on the website:

Our 2010 Ghost Pines Red Blend has a dark purple color that alludes to the intense blueberry, licorice and cracked pepper aromas that are framed by hints of toast and cocoa powder. Flavors of syrupy black cherry, blackberry and blueberry and brown spice meld with velvety tannins, creating a rich mouth feel and a long, plush finish.

It is a gorgeous wine. I can already feel some of you wine snobs/ purists turning up your nose at me because it’s a blend. But bear with me. Ghost Pines Red Blend (2010) is made up like this:

42% Petite Sirah
28% Zinfandel
13% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Merlot
6% Petit Verdot
1% Syrah
(Credit: Here)

For those unfamiliar with blends, it is combining the different types of grapes to create a new taste. This tends to bring out the most rich and colorful flavors. If you are new to wine drinking, choosing a red-blend would be a good choice.

Ghost Pines is a smooth, enjoyable wine. You catch flavors on every part of your experience, from once it hits your tongue to the smooth finish it has. (Oh those velvety tannins!) While I definitely didn’t taste toast or cracked pepper, I can definitely sense a large range of flavors which is my favorite part about the wine experience. Something I haven’t been able to find with, say, vodka.

I like to drink it alone after a hard day of studying with a good book. If this isn’t your thing… pair it up with the steak and sauté up some mushrooms, ooh, maybe with some garlic and feta cheese.

This Huffington Post article is very interesting about the process of blending red wine. (You know, if you’re crazy interested) 5 Facts About Blended Wine

And also, check out the Ghost Pines website. I like checking out wine sites in my free time. You should too.


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